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The Value in Hiring a Professional Panama City Beach FL Real Estate Agent

The Panama City Beach FL region has some of the most beautiful houses in all the country. A stones throw to the beaches and plenty of things to do for any age group, people from all over the world are flocking to this part of Florida to call it home. Regardless what time of year, the housing market is always booming, good if you are selling your home but bad for the potential buyers.

Without the help of skilled local Panama City Beach FL real estate agents, your dream house could be gobbled up before you make an offer. Here are a few reasons to be working with an agent when buying a home in this area.


Narrowing Down the Search Much Faster


When you are searching for a condo in Panama City Beach FL, be prepared to be running a sprint and not a marathon. No sooner do houses hit the market, many of them have a line of potential buyers already at the door making offers. It is not unlikely for a house to have a contract on it within a few days, shutting the door on anyone who is working without a realtor and using dated real estate magazines to find their dream homes. Your local real estate agent is an expert at finding specific listings and getting their clients in the door before the crowds arrive.

Once you meet your Realtor, they will discuss your price range, house specifics, location desired, and how soon you are ready to move. By narrowing down the search the realtor will be able to locate houses within those parameters the minute that they...

5 Tips to Finding the Best Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

Selling Your Condo

Life is full of changes and now one of them has made you decide that it’s time to sell your condo. Now, the next big question is how to find the best real estate agent to handle the sale. Some sellers might consider trying to sell their condo themselves, known as an FSBO. But in many cases they will end up hiring an agent in the end when they find that selling a condo in today’s competitive market isn’t as simple as putting a sign in the yard and signing a contract.

An experienced local real estate agent is worth their weight in gold, literally. They will be able to lay out a sales and marketing plan and will have the skills needed to close the deal when the time come and above all else they will have the professional integrity to represent their client’s interests to their best ability.

Finding the Best Agent

Here are FIVE tips gathered from agents and other real estate experts that they say should definitely be considered when looking for an agent to represent you in selling your condo.

1. Get an Agent Who Knows Your Neighborhood

Look for an agent who has knowledge of the neighborhood. They will already know the housing market in the the area and be familiar with the other inventory available and how many other condos have been sold recently. An agent who is not familiar with an area or a certain neighborhood will have to take time to get up to speed whereas a local agent will have boots on the ground right away.

2. Ask Around. Do Your Research

Pay attention to who is selling property in your neighborhood....

Sterling Breeze 1 Bedroom Sale History


5 Tips For Buying a Vacation Condo in Panama City Beach

5 Tips For Buying a Vacation Condo in Panama City Beach

With the strength of the real estate market in Panama City Beach, there has not been a better time to buy a vacation condo or investment property.  A vacation condo doesn't need to stay vacant until until you are ready for a vacation.  

For many PCB homeowners, your beachfront condo can make you some extra cash to help offset some of your investment.  There is no reason your vacation property should not be generating cash-flow  while your long term investment matures. Real Estate has proven to be a very solid investment move. There are more millionaires made every year in real estate than even the technology boom. 

Over the long term, it has been proven time over time that real estate investments outpace the stock market for generating wealth.  There are many reasons that people choose to purchase a second home.  With that being said,  the purchase of a vacation home - which you can use as a family vacation spot, seems to be a great long term investment.  Being able to enjoy beachfront views and take a walk on one of America's most beautiful beaches is just extra.

The Steps in Buying a Vacation Condo

  1. Have a plan.  Think about the options of renting your vacation home out for certain months.  For Panama City Beach, the most popular time is Spring Break.  It is very possible to make a large dent in the cost of owning your own Panama City Beach condo - if you are willing to...

8 Tips For Selling Your Home

tips for selling your home

Eight Important Considerations To Make When Selling Your Home

Selling your first home in Panama City Beach can be a real challenge especially if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of real estate. Indeed, you can find a real estate agent to help you sort it out, but it does not mean that your shouldn't have some basic knowledge yourself. You must have information about what is going on in the Panama City Beach real estate market and carefully analyse the situation before making that decision. Otherwise, you can end up having regrets about selling your home.

Find the Right Selling Price

Most of the homes that do sell, sell withing the first 60 days of being listed.  This shows the importance of pricing your home correctly at the time its listed.  You do not want to overprice it in the beginning with the intention of dropping the price down the road.

Before making a decision to sell your first home, you will have to deliberate on several things, the first of which is how much you would price it. Note that there are a lot of other condos for sale in Panama...

Is Panama City Beach a Good Place To Buy Real Estate?

panama city beach real estate

What You Should Know About Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach is a city  in Florida and has a population of 36,877 people. The current median home price in this city is $185,000, while the median household income is $45,620. The rate of unemployment in Panama City is 5.5 percent, while the one-year appreciation rate stands at 14.2%. On the other hand, the one-year job growth rate is at 2.4%. Panama City Beach is know for the massive influx of people that come to visit the sandy beaches and beachfront condos during Spring Break.  Because PCB is a vacation destination, many people buy condos for sale in Panama City Beach for investment purchases.  It is not uncommon for investors to purchase a condo in Panama City Beach for use as their own personal Vacation Rental.

Real Estate Trends in Panama City Beach, FL

Housing markets all over the United States have begun to exhibit signs of life, particularly in Panama City Beach, Florida. The real estate market in this city has turned a corner and appears to be in a position of capitalizing on the rebound. Panama City Beach, unlike its distant cross-state neighbors like Miami, has heavily depended on the activities of the foreign investors. The real estate market of Panama City Beach has really grown, and both prices and sales are increasing at a pace that is sustainable. This makes the prospect of investing in the ...

Waterfront Condo Sales Surge

Tips For Waterfront Buyers

Buyers are flocking to seaside condominiums these days. With the current tax incentives, mortgage options and surplus of property along the coast, Panama City Beach Condo's are attracting buyers from all over.

If you are one of those interested in living the "Jimmy Buffett lifestyle", here are a few things you should know in advance to wash away the waterfront buying woes.  We also have some tips for buying a condo for you.  


Getting prequalified for a loan is the best practice in today's competitive real estate market no matter where you are buying.

As a waterfront condominium buyer, you want to be in the best position if faced with competing with multiple offers.

Another reason is that many waterfront properties fall into the higher priced market. Lenders who lend in the higher priced, "Jumbo" market are going to only lend to the "very qualified" of applicants. Knowing your budget, and what you qualify for will aide you and your ...

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Waterfront Home

steps in closing on a PCB Condo

Waterfront Homes

Are you thinking of living in a waterfront home or condo, away from civilization, in a serene location, waking up to the sounds of nature? Well, if this is your plan then congratulations; not many people can afford this celebrity-like lifestyle. But, buyer beware, buying a waterfront home is a different ball game altogether and can be way more complicated than purchasing a home located on a street in the suburbs.  

However, not to worry, you have come to the right place because here are some great tips for buying a condo in Panama City Beach:

Maintenance of a Watefront Home

A waterfront home takes a beating from the environment due to the violent storms and sea salt and humidity. This means that the maintenance cost for such homes is usually high. You should consider the cost of maintaining the siding, the roof, attachments and pipes and evaluate whether you can manage to pay the maintenance costs comfortably.

Although a home warranty can protect a new homeowner from unforseen, costly repairs...they generally do not cover basic maintanance...

REALTOR vs Real Estate Agent - What's The Difference?

talk to a realtor

Time to Sell Your Home?

It is time to sell your home, and you made the right choice to list with a professional in the real estate industry. As you begin interviewing prospective sales agents in your market, be sure to ask them if they are a Licensed REALTOR® or a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Will this make a difference to you in the selling of your home? Let's compare it to the choice between using a Medical Doctor, MD versus a Nurse Practitioner, NP, for your healthcare.

They both may be able to order tests and write prescriptions for you, which depending on your illness, both would suffice. The difference would be in the training, experience and the extent of care they are able to provide.

The same goes for using a REALTOR® versus a Real Estate Agent to represent you in the negotiations of buying and/or selling of Real Estate.

What is the Difference Between a REALTOR® and Real Estate Agent?

The terms “REALTOR®” and “real estate agent” are used interchangeably by consumers. It seems not shared widely enough by those in the industry that there is a distinction between the two. Both the real estate agent and the REALTOR® must be licensed to sell real estate. 

A Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is anyone who is licensed to represent a consumer in real estate transactions. They may be an agent as a salesperson, an associate broker, or a broker...

Advantages of Buying a Second Home

Buying a Second Home have some equity built up or finished paying for your primary residence and you are wondering whether it makes sense to buy a second home. Many people who buy a second home use it as a vacation spot but there are several other advantages that come with owning a second home.

Second Home as an Investment

The first is that it is an excellent form of investment. Stocks and other such assets fluctuate in value all the time and you can never be sure that you will make a profit. A home, however, is an investment that you can rely on to increase in value over time.

If you have a long term project, such as sending your kids to coledge, you can buy a second home so that when the time comes you can cash in for the necessary funds.

As a Source of Extra Income

A second home is also an excellent way to make money every year. Many people who buy condos in Panama City Beach are purchasing them for this reason.  Vacation Rentals in PCB are very popular. 

You can rent it out or lease it for a good amount of money which you can use to fund your other projects. If you plan to use it as a vacation home you can plan it in such a way that during the time you want to go on vacation the home is empty.


For Tax Savings

If you don't plan to rent out your second home you will also have significant tax savings. So long as the home is not occupied for more than a couple of weeks...

How Color Makes A Difference When Selling Your Condo

selling your condo with color

Choosing Colors When Selling Your Home

The color of the paint you choose can make a huge differnece on how much your condo in PCB will sell for.  In the most extreeme situations, it can even play a role in a condo not selling at all.

Choosing Paint Colors When Selling

Choosing the paint colors when you’re getting ready to put your condominium on the market is a more important decision than you think. When buyers are looking at the newest condos for sale, their first impression of the unit can make all of the difference.  Color makes a big impact on buyers and can serve as a powerful tool for attracting prospective bidders.

When you think of the word “home”, you think of safe and cozy right? REALTORS usually recommend white, tan and gray shades for the exterior, leaving potential buyers with a more positive vibe.

Unlike condominiums, blue houses are very popular, even red houses can work if its used in small doses. Overall, any neutral or traditional color is best to use if you’re planning to repaint your condominium before selling....

Need Roof Work? Read This First!

Choosing a Roofer

With all of the recent hurricanes and storms, there will be thousands of new roofs and roof repairs done over the next six months.

Combating the Elements

Even if a storm didn’t produce a torrent of rain or volley of hail, wind alone can cause enough damage to your roof to warrant repair or replacement. According to the National Weather Service every thunderstorm has a straight-line burst of wind and at 50 to 60 mph, you will start seeing damage to homes such as trees toppling, downed power lines and debris blown from other homes that can cause enormous damage to your home.

Roof Damage From Storms

After a storm, check your roof for any damage incurred wind, hail or objects flying through the air. Document any problems with pictures if possible, so when you contact your insurance company or, in the case of a natural disaster such as the ones that recently happened with Harvey in Texas and then, Irma in Florida, FEMA, you will have documented evidence of the damage done to your home.

In Panama City Beach

We anticipate many roofs in need of repair after Hurrican Irma.  As with any major storm, we anticipate changes in Panama City Beach Real Estate as some homes will be in need of repair and some condos in Panama City Beach will requrie a special assessment to complete the need work. 

Assessing Roof Damage...

5 Things First Time Condo Buyers Need To Know

5 Things First-Time Condominium Buyer’s Should Know

 buying a condo


Condominium Confusion 


When Buyers are looking to buy their first condo in Panama City Beach, whether you are downsizing, moving a child to college, or just want to own that perfect beach getaway, are certain things you NEED to know.  

Many buyers are confused between the real differences between buying a Condominium, a Townhouse or a Duplex.  You will hear Lenders, Appraiser’s, Inspector’s & REALTOR®’s using the shortened term “Condo” when referring to a Condominium.  Do not let the shortened term lead to believe the buying process of a “Condo” is any less complicated, if not more so than buying a Single-Family Residence.

Investing the time to do your research, and hiring a REALTOR® with a specialty in condos will simplify the process in terms to type of ownership, financing options and fees.


  1.  What is a Condominium  ...

Strategies For Selling Your Panama City Beach Home

Selling Your Panama City Beach Home

Selling your panama city beach home

Make Your Home Stand Out

The Panama City Beach housing market is full of homes for sale and the competition is allowing homebuyers to be a bit more choosy in the homes they buy. Although there are a lot of DIYers out there just looking for a fixer upper, the majority of homebuyers want a finished product.

Buyers are looking for the best and you could easily be missing a large number of your market if your home is not in pristine condition when you put the for sale sign in the yard.

Upgrades do not have to be expensive. There are a lot of simple things that you can do to make your home look beautiful and have it ready to wow potential buyers.

Make a Good First Impression

Curb appeal is crucial to make a good first impression. How your home looks when a buyer drives up can make or break a sale. If it’s too run down looking some may not even bother to stop, so make sure your home's lawn is immaculate. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and plant flowers.

A cluttered exterior can make buyers think that there might be problems with the interior maintenance as well. Be sure to clean the gutters and pressure wash the outside including the siding, walkways and driveway.

What Would You Want to See?

If you want to ...

Tips For Selling a Home in #PCB

Tips For Selling a Home in Panama City Beach

Whether you are looking to upgrade to a luxury beachfront condo, downsizing because the children have went off to school or just because...if you are thinking about selling your home in #PCB, we have some tips to get you started!

Getting an Idea of Your Home's Value

The first step in selling your home or condo in #PCB is to get an idea on the value of your property.  Property values change all the time and for a variety of reasons.  Because of that, even if you have had an apprasal done last year, you need to get your NEW value.

For many, the first step in getting your condo's current value is using an Automated Valuation Model (AVM for short).  These are computer generated home values that use an alorithm to come up with what your home is worth.  The most popular of these is Zillow's Zestimate.

The problem with this well known AVM is they are very inaccurate. One of the biggest challenges with the Zestimate is that it does not pull sold listings from the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. Although Zillow may have a portion of the Active listings (our Property Search actually has ALL active listings), uploaded by Panama City Beach REALTORS, they do not get any sold data.  They rely on public records to try and figure out your condos value.  


9 Tips For Buying a Condo in Panama City Beach

Panama City beach Homes

Buying a Condo

Have you ever imagined selling your home and starting a venture in a new city? What about living ocean-side in Panama City Beach, Florida?

It’s a much easier thing to accomplish than imagined! 

Purchasing one of the condos for sale in Panama City Beach, whether it be for the first time or the fifth time, is such an exciting experience! But with a new terrain, there are a few things you need to make sure you acknowledge before settling down on your location.


Here are a few tips for your condo purchase:


  1. First things first: Find an agent who is very knowledgeable about ocean-front condos. There are very many agents up and down Panama City Beach, and some may have a specialty on ocean-front, while others are more inland. Get a REALTOR who specializes in Panama City Beach Condos.  Make sure that you are very realistic when it comes to these “good deals.” They are good deals for a reason. Make sure to inquire about ocean conditions or any issues the previous owner may of have. It wouldn’t hurt to ask locals or neighbors about certain locations as well.

  2. Trust your gut. You may tour...

Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals in Panama City Beach

With vacation rentals, guests can plan their ideal getaway by selecting a home away from home that has everything provided in a location that suits them.

Many Condominiums in Panama City Beach become rented out as vacation rentals.  Many of these are waterfront properties often provide more space, privacy and convenience than even the most luxurious hotels on the beach.

Panama City Beach has over 17,000 condominiums, many of which are rented out continuously as vacation rentals.  With Panama City Beach being on of the most sought after tourist destinations in Florida, condo owners can grow equity while creating some monthly cash flow. Needless to say, if you are the owner of a vacation rental on the beach, you always have a luxury getaway as your personal vacation spot. 

Looking To Purchase a Condo In Panama City Beach?


Edgewater Beach Resort - Directory of Security Retires

Edgewater Beach Resort - Director of Security Retires

Edgewater Beach Resort - Directory of Security Retires

Jack Vitello retires as Edgewater Beach Resorts' Director of Security after 33 years. Jack has been an asset to everyone that owns a condo at Edgewater. Jack was tough when required but he was also generous, sincere, and all-around a great person. We're going to miss you Jack!  

The position will be filled by Tim Lane. Tim is a seasoned veteran of the Spring Break Wars, having worked with Holiday Inn family of hotels, is very familiar with the area, the city officials, and the Beach Police Department. Hopefully he will not have to use the latter connection very much. Tim has also served in the Air Force and has seen duty in Operation Desert Storm and other combat areas of the world. We thank him for his service and look forward to working with him for years to come. 


Panama City Beach Condo Financing.


           When you’re looking for Panama City Beach Condos, there are many things to contemplate. The process of finding the right condo for you can get tedious, or time consuming. You come to Panama City Beach on vaction to look at condos. After considering all of your options, you finally decide on a resort you want. It’s perfect for you. You are about to write an offer, and you even tell your family back home about the condo that’s soon-to-be yours. The next day, your Realtor calls. He says that financing at the condo you’ve been looking at for the past four days isn’t even an option. What? Why are you just now finding out about this? You could have been looking at other condos the last few days while you were here. Why didn’t your Realtor know that financing would be an issue?

            There are two well-known condos that aren’t available for financing and there are five other newly-built condos that require a 50% down payment to secure financing. Your agent should have known about them. Choosing a knowledgeable agent is just as important as choosing the right condo. Make sure you’re making the correct choice.


Edgewater Beach Resort Open House

Edgewater Open House Announcement by Chad868