Boardwalk Beach Resort

Boardwalk Beach Resort

Panama City Beach hosts a lot of great places to live and stay, but Boardwalk Beach Resort definitely lands in the top five. Condominium owners and vacation owners alike absolutely love this place and there’s a reason it sticks out amongst all the other competition in the area. 


Because Boardwalk Beach Resort was built at a time when many other places were also being built, sometimes referred to as “the boom”, the builder knew he needed to do something to make this place different from the rest. Due to his interior finishes, larger than average balconies, crown moldings, and beautiful granite countertops, people favor this place. It was made to impress and beat out the other competition in the area.


Its utilities are also something to brag about. Boardwalk Beach Resort hosts a large pool that is oceanside, a hot tub to enjoy, a sun deck to catch some rays, an owner’s lounge, and a restaurant on site. You could enjoy an entire fun filled day without leaving the confines of your home! Imagine relaxing by the pool and also being able to admire the beauty of the ocean without getting all sandy. What could be better than that? 


One of the biggest attractions to this spot is the parking. Generally, most places that offer parking, actually have you park in a place across the street forcing you to walk over a bridge or under the highway. At Boardwalk Beach Resort, the parking is on the same side of the road! No more waiting to cross over just to get to your car. Just another added convenience available here. 


Lastly, location, location, location! Many people prefer to stay in the West end or right on Thomas Drive, but at Boardwalk Beach Resort you don’t have to choose because you’re right in the middle! You get the best of both worlds. It’s central location boasts a golf course across the street, a variety of restaurants and activities that everyone of any age can enjoy. 


Now to talk about money. Obviously it depends what programs you go through and who rents your condo, but on average, a realistic yearly income from a one bedroom here is $40,000, $60,000 for a two bedroom, and up to $80,000 for a three bedroom! Boardwalk Beach Resort has four different floor plans. They have a studio which is 505 square feet that goes for $175,000-$205,000, a one bedroom that is 745 square feet that goes roughly for $373,000-$385,000. There are two separate floor plans for the two bedrooms, one of which is 1152 square feet and sells for $380,000-$400,000 and a larger one that is 1380 square feet and costs between  $425,000-$475,000. The three bedrooms are a rarer find, but when they are available they come in at 1,986 square feet and go for $575,000-$630,000. 


Boardwalk Beach Resort sits right on the beach in the middle of Panama City where you can sit back and enjoy beautiful sunsets nightly. You really couldn’t ask for much more from a condo! If you’re interested in learning more about these, please reach out, I’d love to help!

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