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Is Panama City Beach a Good Place To Buy Real Estate?

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What You Should Know About Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach is a city  in Florida and has a population of 36,877 people. The current median home price in this city is $185,000, while the median household income is $45,620. The rate of unemployment in Panama City is 5.5 percent, while the one-year appreciation rate stands at 14.2%. On the other hand, the one-year job growth rate is at 2.4%. Panama City Beach is know for the massive influx of people that come to visit the sandy beaches and beachfront condos during Spring Break.  Because PCB is a vacation destination, many people buy condos for sale in Panama City...

Waterfront Condo Sales Surge

Tips For Waterfront Buyers

Buyers are flocking to seaside condominiums these days. With the current tax incentives, mortgage options and surplus of property along the coast, Panama City Beach Condo's are attracting buyers from all over.

If you are one of those interested in living the "Jimmy Buffett lifestyle", here are a few things you should know in advance to wash away the waterfront buying woes.  We also have some tips for buying a condo...