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A Look Back: Architecture And Design

A Look Back: Architecture And Design Single Family Living

  Houses have changed immensely over the last hundred years. Due to variations in style, additions of indoor plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and construction materials, many different factors have played a role in the preparation of the homes we have sold and lived in. The structure of our homes affects our family size, our relationships, and ultimately, the way we all relate to each other as we step outside to begin our day. Let's take a look at how American homes over the last century have helped shape us historically as a country and as a society.

Adapting To The New World

The first North American homes were small one-room homes built to stand the harsh conditions of an unsettled territory....

Bitcoin and Real Estate

Hot Trend: Bitcoin and Real Estate

Back in 2013, a seller in Long Island, NY listed his home with an interesting side note. He was willing to accept Bitcoins for the $800,000 property. He was hoping to appeal to international and younger buyers by giving them another option to purchase his property. This was a time when Bitcoin was more of a fascination for geeks and financial tycoons so the real estate industry was taken by surprise by the odd offer made by the seller. With the recent wide adoption of Bitcoin around the globe, the real estate industry is no longer a stranger to the cryptocurrency. Does the future of real estate center on this creative financing when it comes time to buy a home? This question is brewing in the industry circles and we are going to explore it for you right here.

What is Bitcoin?

The first line of business is to explain...

What is a Real Estate “Bidding War”? How YOU Can WIN!

How YOU Can WIN Your “Bidding War”? And What it is

  Real estate has long been one of the least friendly markets out there, and it's not getting any better. If you're trying to buy a home or condo in today's market, you're forced to deal with a rapidly dwindling supply, and a rapidly expanding number of people buying them up. This recent trend has started to choke the market and has lead to inflated prices and bidding wars. Bidding wars can be a massive problem for prospective buyers, and a lot of it stems from simple misinformation.  

Outside of the Auction House

When you hear the term "bidding war," you might think...